Catch Report - Putsborough - 20th August 2021 (3)

Date From: 20/08/2021 22:12:00

Date To: 21/08/2021 02:00:28

Time of day: Night

Location: Putsborough

Mark: Left hand side of beach

Tide Times:

Tide DateHigh or LowHeight TimeHeight

Moon Phase:

Moon DateMoon riseMoon setMoon PhaseIllumination
20/08/202120:05:1902:56:18Waxing Gibbous92
20/08/202120:05:1902:56:18Waxing Gibbous92
21/08/202120:36:0804:14:56Waxing Gibbous97
21/08/202120:36:0804:14:56Waxing Gibbous97

Weather: Overcast with some drizzle and light rain


Sun DateSunriseSunset

Sea: Clear with waves up to 2 feet high and rolling for 40 yards.

Method: Ledger (shop bought up and over rig) | Ledger (shop bought pulley rig)

Bait: Frozen Launce | Frozen Peeler Crab


FishQtyLbsOzDrmBaitDate and Time CaughtWeighed or GuessedSetup
Conger Eel1080Frozen Whole Launce20/08/2021 22:25:28guessed1
Bass1100Frozen Whole Launce20/08/2021 23:55:22guessed1
Small Eyed Ray1350Frozen Whole Launce21/08/2021 00:45:00weighed1
Totals:34130Frozen Whole Launce0 O'clock to 1 O'clock guessed1

Session and Lifetime Statistics:
This SessionAll Time
FishQtyLbsOzDrmCommon Bait for SessionQtyLbsOzDrmCommon Bait All Time
Conger Eel1080Frozen Whole Launce6512800
Bass1100Frozen Whole Launce305700
Small Eyed Ray1350Frozen Whole Launce63280
Totals:34130Frozen Whole Launce10121780

The Session:

It had been quite a long time since I fished this beach and started a session this late at night and I've got so used to fishing in comfort during the day I was not really that excieted about this evening. A bit of consolation was that due to the light rain forecast I would be the only one here, which although this is a large beach with ample room for endless anglers, I liked the thought any fish were mine to catch if they were exploring the length of the beach for food.

I set up my two usual ledger rods and was able to wade out past where the front waves were breaking so I was over waist deep in water and able to time the casts after a swell. I got good casts for the first ones and so I felt I could leave them both for at least 20 minutes before needing to check them due to the tide receeding.

I had to wait a couple of hours before there was any sign of fish around. The rod baited with Launce showed a bite. It seemed like something small as it kept making small shakes of the rod tip with long gaps in between each one. After I decided to strike I could feel something on but wasn't sure if it was weed and when I got it in the surf it was both weed and a fish, a small Conger Eel.

It was the only bite for quite a while and I was disappointed at this because with each cast until low tide I was able to keep wading out quite far due to the swell being constant and predictable due to the ample length of time between each one to time my cast and put a good amount of power into it. The baits were coming back untouched so there weren't crabs around either.

The rain kept varying from light drizzle to a little heavier and ocacsionally stopping but eventually it was persistant but due to the lack of wind it was bearable because it was coming down vertically. I decided to stick it out for at least two hours of incoming tide and as I could tell the tide was coming back in with some speed I recast both rods and intended to leave them out for a long while. Something took the Launce bait within minutes of me casting out though and it pulled the rod tip down quite hard before it went back straight and as I placed my hand over the reel seat ready to strike it bent down again. I could immediately feel the fish on but I could tell it wasn't big. I walked down the beach and into the shallow surf trying to see where the fish was. I gave some pulls when it felt like it was in the white surf but I didn't see it until it was almost at my feet. A small but very welcome bass had taken the Launce and it put a smile on my face as I put it back. I like the beach when the sea is in such a condition where there is a stable foot or so of water for a good number of yards out and sparse rolling surf, as it was tonight because I could watch the fish as it swam forwards, moving left and right and hanging in the tow before swimming off really fast and disappearing into the white surf.

Of course this made me expect more fish but again I had to wait. About an hour later I noticed the tip of the Launce rod give a small sharp bend downwards which is often an indication a Ray has taken the bait. I stood up from my box and got quickly to my tripod and just stood and waited with my hand hovering over the butt of my rod. I felt this may be the only opportunity of a Ray tonight given the time now and the lack of bites so I was determined to not strike too soon. I carefully took my line which was travelling under the U of my tripod bar and I lifted it into the U so it was trapped under the rod, and ready for me to strike. Often I have left the line underneath the U only for it to hamper the strike and I'm sure cause me to miss fish so I made sure it couldn't happen this time. The rod kept showing signs the fish still had the bait, that signature small bend down and back straight, the occasional 'plink' and then moments of no movement. I waited until the fish was obviously going to move off with the bait which it did and caused the rod tip to bend down and keep going. I lifted the rod and as soon as I felt the grip leads holding in the sand I pulled the rod up again hard as I walked backwards in a couple of big strides. The fish was clearly hooked. I didn't play it hard and as it gave any pull I let it do what it wanted and as soon as it allowed I began reeling in again. Just like the Bass, I could not see the fish until it was really close in and although it wasn't big I was delighted with the fish and knew I coudl even end the session happy as soon as I put it back.

Again, just like with the Bass I was able to put the fish back in the clear water and watch what it did. It just sat on the sand and allowed the tide to cover it so after a couple of minutes I picked it up again and put it a bit further out. Eventually it swam off straight out.

I gave it just over another hour before beginning to pack up. I had no more noticable bites and the baits came back untouched expect for one which looked like something small, or a crab had had it. The rain was constant now, still not heavy and still bearable but enough to get all my tackle soaked as I walked back to the car.

Tackle used (price) [ time since first used ]:

MethodTackle Usedsetupsid
Ledger (up and over rig)Rod: Daiwa, Seahunter X, 14ft, 3 piece, Fixed Spool, £60.00, 27-05-2018
Reel: Shimano, Aerlex 10000 XTB Spod, Fixed Spool, £55.99, 16-07-2021
Mainline: Maxima, Crystal Ivory, 20lb, 651 yards, £14.08
Shockleader: Rovex, Surf clear, 60lb, 150m, £7.99
Hooklength: , Shop bought rig, 40lb,
Hook: , Shop bought rig, 3/0,
Ledger (pulley rig)Rod: Daiwa seahunter Z 13ft 2 piece MFS (£42.99) [ > 3 years 10 months ]
Reel: Lineaeffe Tiger 870 Fixed Spool (£17.00) [ > 2 years 5 months ]
Line: 30lb, free with reel
Hooks: shop bought rig, size 4/0
Shockleader: Rovex Surf clear 60lb (£7.99) 150m
Hooklength: shop bought rig, 40lb

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