About Rock Marks

Rock Marks is a website set up by an amateur sea fisherman who fishes for pleasure as well as research and amateur science.

The blog will be a constant documentation of fish caught with the intent of building a database that could reveal or confirm behaviour or health of all fishing species caught and expected or not expected to be caught. Also, it is inteded to demonstrate to anyone new to, or considering becoming sea fishermen that you don't have to spend lots of money to catch fish, and you don't have to have lots of ability or knowledge to catch fish.

The forum is a place for all fishermen to discuss fishing as well as post their own reports and any findings from their fishing sessions. 

This website is new and as such is still in development so please ensure you keep personal copies of any reports and data you post if they have value to you. Also, expect the layout and functionality to change as I explore and try new options.