Blog posts tagged with 'ballan wrasse'

Catch Report - Ilfracombe - 25th July 2021 (2)
Fishing two floats and two different baits in an unsuccessful side-by-side bait experiment.
Catch Report - Brixham - 24th July 2021 (15)
What started out as a poor day suddenly got much better!
Catch Report - Ilfracombe - 11th July 2021 (5)
Float fishing a rock mark with dead ragworm for a few Wrasse
Catch Report - Weymouth - 2nd July 2021 (49)
Catching lots of small fish from Weymouth Stone pier with friends again.
Catch Report - Weymouth - 1st July 2021 (64)
Plenty of fish caught on LRF tactics save a disappointing fishing holiday.
Catch Report - Weymouth - 29th June 2021 (4)
Just a few small Wrasse while float fishing at Portland.
Catch Report - Weymouth - 28th June 2021 (1)
Fishing Chesil Cove while on Holiday in Weymouth
Catch Report - Ilfracombe - 21st June 2021 (14)
Catching my first Leopard Spotted Goby on LRF gear.
Catch Report - Ilfracombe - 20th June 2021 (29)
Fishing float and LRF from Ilfracombe Pier
Catch Report - Ilfracombe - 13th June 2021 (10)
A slow session soon picked up and I ended up equalling a personal best.