Blog posts tagged with 'lrf'

Catch Report - Portishead - 29th August 2021 (14)
Quite a few Gobies and a nice Mullet from Portishead Marina.
Catch Report - Ilfracombe - 4th July 2021 (12)
Poor results on ledger but getting small fish on LRF tactics when fishing a pier.
Catch Report - Weymouth - 2nd July 2021 (49)
Catching lots of small fish from Weymouth Stone pier with friends again.
Catch Report - Weymouth - 1st July 2021 (64)
Plenty of fish caught on LRF tactics save a disappointing fishing holiday.
Catch Report - Ilfracombe - 20th June 2021 (29)
Fishing float and LRF from Ilfracombe Pier
Catch Report - Ilfracombe - 26th April 2021 (12)
Finding Pollock when float fishing deep from my local pier.
Catch Report - Ilfracombe - 3rd April 2021 (9)
Catching just small fish from Ilfracombe Pier.
Catch Report - Ilfracombe - 6th December 2020 (27)
Catching plenty of small fish on light tackle.
Catch Report - Ilfracombe - 8th November 2020 (13)
Another session trying several methods from my local pier
Catch Report - Ilfracombe - 11th October 2020 (16)
More fish from my local pier and catching the first of a new species.