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6 years ago
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Hi all. I'm Phil and I'm based in Gloucestershire. Just started sea fishing again my rods and I are a little rusty. I am hoping to fish battery point next weekend. Any thoughts or advice greatly appreciated..

6 years ago
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Hello philthefish74 and welcome to the forum.

You had a lucky escape this weekend for battery point because of the tide sizes but next weekend should be an ideal small tide so provided the weather continues to improve it'll be ideal.

Some people have reported catching cod from the channel on ragworm recently and that the cod have had loads of small crabs in their bellies so if you can take those baits and/or lugworm and squid you should have the bait covered well.

Other options on the day, could be Severn Beach if you can get the slipway mark in front of Beach Rd and Beach Avenue. You should be able to fish it from a couple of hours after low right until 2 hours before low again, otherwise down by Clevedon Pier (Ladye Bay ledges) could be another option. Ladye Bay ledges gets slated for the amount of litter though.

It seems the Cod are showing one minute and then nothing the next, all along the channel,  at the moment but there are some nice Thornback Ray coming in from time to time aswell so some decent ones may show even if the cod don't.