30 March 2023 06:27:06

Berry Head quarry platform, Brixham - Disabled vehicle access

3 years ago
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Upon learning that the disabled access to the quarry platform was no longer being allowed I emailed The Countryside Trust to ask why the decision had been taken and for a copy of any report or assessment that they had done which caused them to take their decision. I received no reply and I know of another angler who has also emailed them but received no reply. 

So I have now emailed my local MP, who has kindly responded stating that she too has now emailed the trust to ask about the situation at Berry Head. My local MP is Selaine Saxby and I hope Selaine receives a response with information that we can do something with, be it  fully understand why the decision was taken, or challenge the decision if it looks like they have taken it unjustly.

I am not disabled, but I think that if I was I would like to decide myself what risks I should take when fishing, just like I do now. I believe the reason was that some of the pathway down to the platform is blocked and so access to the platform by disabled people is difficult, but there are people who prefer to fish from the rocks to the side of the platform and they understand the risks and are prepared to take them. If the parking is still safe then I believe each person should decide for themselves whwther to take any risk or not. The Countryside Trust should just provide the information that explains the state of the area and not make the untimate decision themselves, but leave it to the individual.

I will respond here with any other response I receive from Selaine. For now, Thank you Selaine for trying to clarify this for me. 


2 years ago
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To date I have received no further communication from Selaine Saxby

one year ago
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one year ago
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No problem. I wish it was better news. I intended to press them a bit more on it but just haven't got round to it yet, I didn't realise it has been so long since I first asked.