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After having a second large fishing item 'lost' by Parcel Force, I decided to look at what help I can get to recover the parcel. I was shocked to discover thet the courier service industry is not regulated so I have created a petition on the governments website calling for couriers to be regulated and fined for parcels they fail to deliver. The petition is here:


Background to my case.

As I had a £175 seat box 'lost' by Parcel Force a few years ago, when it apparently got scanned into Exeter Depot but dissappeared into thin air, I ensured that a recent fishing rod I neeeded to send through them (an IMAX Match Tip M fishing rod, Brand New) had several address labes applied to it. I also put on a couple of 'Fragile' labels on that contained wording as unique as the address.

The recipient contacted me after around 3 days saying it hadn't been delivered, I called parcelforce who told me "The label must have come off" and I replied "What, all of them" and explained how I aplklied several labels on so there was no chance they would all come off. I also explained that The people who dealt with me at the post office all confirmed that the labels were on fine and could only come off with human help, plus as the tube I sent was triangular it would be very odd if each face of the tube had been exposed to something that could cause the labels to come off. The person I was speaking to, was obviously a little thrown by this as their script probably tells them that as long as they say "the label must have come off" they are not accepting liability as it is very much in the air in that sense. They the struggled to defend their claim and I told them I wanted an investigation doing.


I contacted several people at ParcelForce via email, and in person after that first time and all they displayed was an attitude of, this is just another lost parcel, another day. I even went back to the Post Office and told them what had happened and the woman who did the sale said "No, that's been taken."

So basically, I and Post Office staff believe that the labels didn't come off the parcel, they were either pulled off or the rod was just stolen by a member of staff. ParcelForce were very evasive in answering questions regarding the parcel itself, CCTV footage, what happens to lost parcel, as well as showing willing to send me a signed statement of what checks they have done to find the parcel. Clearly they did none, so they could not do it. All they could do is give inauthentic apologies. In any case, the theft has cost them a customer, as well as costing the Post Office a customer and the shop, which I will stop visiting when I move home shortly and will be equal distance between them and a non-post office. It may not sound like much action but I was spending at least £4000 per year in the shop and now I;ve cut right down as I will not spend money with any business associated with Parcel Force or Royal Mail (Royal Mail have been delivering my post elsewhere recently too and my complaint was met with the dsame insincere apology, and even a "if we dont hear from you within 7 days we will consider the matter resolved!" comment)

I have recorded the theft as a crime. The number is CR/019390/21, for anyone who may have information regarding an Imax Match Tip M rod that was supposedly lost by Parcel Force. 

My advice to anyone who ever has parcels lost by couriers is to say you don't believe it has been lost and to log it as a crime via 101 so the high number of parcels that are not really lost, is taken notice of.