Catch Report - Porlock-Bay - 17th July 2021 (0)

Date From: 17/07/2021 16:19:20

Date To: 17/07/2021 21:38:40

Time of day: Afternoon - evening

Location: Porlock-Bay

Mark: Left hand side of weir

Tide Times:

Tide DateHigh or LowHeight TimeHeight
17/07/2021 low 05:43:00 2.23
17/07/2021 high 12:16:00 8.77
17/07/2021 low 18:10:00 2.48

Moon Phase:

Moon DateMoon riseMoon setMoon PhaseIllumination
17/07/2021 13:52:06 00:30:44 First Quarter 45

Weather: Cloudless sky, sunny and warm with an occasional wind from behind.


Sun DateSunriseSunset
17/07/2021 05:19:00 21:21:00

Sea: Murky close in and clear from around 20 yards out changing to all clear later on. Flat with barely any waves.

Method: Ledger (shop bought 2 hook flapper) | Ledger (shop bought up and over rig)

Bait: Live King Ragworm | Frozen whole loligo squid, Frozen Whole Launce.


FishQtyLbsOzDrmBaitDate and Time CaughtWeighed or GuessedSetup

Session and Lifetime Statistics:

 This SessionAll Time
FishQtyLbsOzDrmCommon Bait for SessionQtyLbsOzDrmCommon Bait All Time
Totals:   0 0 0 N/A   0 0 0 N/A

The Session:

Due to having plenty of Ragworm left from my previous session I went to Porlock Weir to use some more up.


I arrived and as I was intending to fish for 6 hours I needed to pay for the 8 hour duration. I expected to see other anglers already there but there were none so I had the mark to myself for the whole session. The spot I usually walk to looked different this time, with larhger boulders everywhere and only really one area that was mostly tiny stones where usually there have been patches of cleaner ground that I would move from and too as the tide went out and came back in again. I assumed that there must have been a change made by the recent storms.


The slight breeze was coming from behind and just over my left shoulder so I set the tripod up at a little bit of an angle just in case any sudden gusts blew it over like it did on a previous session, breaking the tip eye off one of my rods. I set up one rod and as I went to take the other out of the rod bag I heard a rattle and then saw the tip eye fall onto the ground. I checked it over and saw it wasn't very rusty but was stained green a bit and so it must have weakened the joins and then I must have jabbed the eye hard when putting it in the car. I managed to temporarily fix it back on using line and the tape from a starlight which I had with my rigs.


I cast both rods out with good solid casts that were able to go 70 to 80 yards and I sat expecting a bite soon after sitting down. 15 minutes passed though and I checked the baits and found them to be untouched so I rebaited and left the next ones out for 45 minutes or more. No bites either. I switched one rod between squid and sandeel but still had no bites and I ended up spending the whole session doing nothing but recasting occasionally.


When I made one cast a fish jumped out of the water much further out, too far out for tme to consider that the splash of the weight and bait scared it but it showed that something was either around for a while or all the time, but I still had no bites. There were a couple of times I saw the rod tips on both rods bend slightly but firmly,, which indicated something may havve just touched the bait or swum intoo the line but otherwise there was no other sign of fish being around.


Much later in the session, while looking around I saw something else surface very far out, maybe a few hundred yards and I scanned the area and saw the second time it was either a dolphin or a porpoise. I grabbed my camera to try and take a photo as it surfaced again. My Lumix TZ90 is only a point and click camera but it does have a good zoom so I thought if I try to get the right moment I might get a shot that I could check later to see what it was. I got several shots of the fin out of the water but not anything I could positively identify either way. It did work its way cler in though over around an hour and a few times it surfaced maybe just 20 yards off shore. I was unable to catch it then but I spotted that there were two of them, possibly a parent and baby. They surfaced a couple more times as they made their way in front of me and off as if they were going to the sea and that was the last I saw of them. I had no bites after they'd gone and when I had a cast where I became snagged I decided to pack up when I got it free as it was a sign I have moved bacjk with the tide so far that I was now not clearing the rough ground. I think this was the first time there that I had not lost any tackle so that was a bonus especially as I didn't catch anything.

Tackle used (price) [ time since first used ]:

MethodTackle Usedsetupsid
Ledger (flapper rig) Rod: Daiwa, Seahunter X, 14ft, 3 piece, Fixed Spool, £60.00, [ > 3 years 3 months ]
Reel: Shimano, Aerlex 10000 XTB Spod, Fixed Spool, £55.99, [ > 0 years 1 months ]
Mainline: Maxima, Crystal Ivory, 20lb, 651 yards, £14.08
Hook: , Shop bought rig, 4,- Shockleader: Rovex, Surf clear, 60lb, 150m, £7.99
Hooklength: , Shop bought rig, 30lb,-
Ledger (pulley rig) Rod: Daiwa seahunter Z 13ft 2 piece MFS (£42.99) [ > 3 years 8 months ]
Reel: Lineaeffe Tiger 870 Fixed Spool (£17.00) [ > 2 years 3 months ]
Line: 30lb, free with reel
Hooks: shop bought rig, size 4/0
Shockleader: Rovex Surf clear 60lb (£7.99) 150m
Hooklength: shop bought rig, 40lb
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