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NGT CKR30 Rear Drag Reel

The CKR range of coarse reels offer great value for money with great performance and spooled with 8lb line. This range of reels feature a computer balanced rotor, high tensile strength drive shaft and a plastic body with a 30 point rear drag system.
£7.50 incl tax

Yokozuna Marea Slim lure

A generous sized Slim featuring a ball weight transfer system. Swimming action with a rolling - wobbling movement just below the water’s surface. Ideal for handling with a stop and go action. Great for tempting sea bass in “risky” shallow, rocky areas
£6.50 incl tax

Tracebuilder Mackerel Feathers

Feather, flasher and tinsel rigs
£1.20 incl tax

Rig Tubing - 1 Metre lengths

Silicone rig tubing for making your own rigs. Sold in 1 metre lengths. If you order more than 1 metre of one type it will be sent as a single length. Increment the quantity by 1 for each metre you require.
£1.50 incl tax

Kamasan B700 Worm Hooks

The perfect worm hook. Chemically etched needle point. Sold loose. Order quantity is per hook.
£0.25 incl tax

Generic Swivels

Generic swivels in various sizes. Sold loose. Quantity is per swivel.
£0.03 incl tax