Revolutionising Tackle


NGT produce tackle affordable to nearly everyone. Whether you are on a budget or someone who just doesn't buy anything too expensive NGT will have something you could use for your fishing.

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NGT Hooks to Nylon

NGT Barbless Coarse Hooks to Nylon are available in six most commonly used sizes; our size 8 barbless hooks are tied to 6lb B/S line, size 10 hooks to 5lb B/S line, size 12 hooks tied to 4lb B/S line, 14 to 3lb B/S line, 16 to 3lb B/S line and size 18 barbless hooks tied to 3lb B/S line
£1.60 incl tax

NGT Medium Bank Stick

NGT Black Bank Sticks are made from high-grade aluminium to be lightweight yet durable. Each bank stick can be easily adjusted via the thumbscrew locking nut.
£2.00 incl tax

NGT Butt Grips

Rod Butt Grips (old model)
£2.90 incl tax

NGT Inline Method feeder

Inline method feeders
£0.80 incl tax

NGT Fold Out Rig Wallet

A Stiff, fold out rig wallet that can hold a number of rigs.
£4.00 incl tax

NGT VX-2 Bite Alarm

The NGT VX2 Bite Alarm is easy to operate and setup due to it’s variable tone and volume adjustments and 20 second latching delay. The VX2 alarm has jack plug for use with NGT illuminated alarms and requires a LRV08 battery – not supplied.
£6.00 incl tax