Privacy notice

Your privacy is fully respected. 

Any information you submit via registration will not be passed to any third party unless instructed by a court. Private messages will not be read by the forum owner or staff except in any suspected instance of wrongful behaviour towards minors and other serious offences, or if instructed by a court. Staff will be required to consult with the forum owner if ever they feel the need to read private messages. No permanent access will be given. Note: Though there is not usually any direct access to private messages within any forum software it is possible for the database to be read directly. This is by design and will be possible with any website forum if any staff know the password to the database. It is the policy of Rock Marks to never read Private Messages unless a serious situation requires investigating.

You are not expected to use your real name during the registration process however please understand that anyone who develops a pattern of hateful, divisive and antagonising posts may have a final decision on how to deal with the account influenced by the choice to use a fake name as it implies the disruption is intentional.

Please respect that other forum members may not want their real names posted on the forum for whatever reason and only address people by their username or name you know they feel comfortable with.

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