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Hart Absolut Arrow

Floating slim with a smooth, extremely streamlined shape which, together with its large internal ball weight transfer system, guarantees superior casting distances. During straight retrieve, a highly pronounced rollingwobbling action, accompanied by slight jerks with short pauses, makes it a lethal weapon for sea bass. This floating lure, which does not even sink to under a metre in depth, can be used in frothy water, on the beach and in inter-tidal areas.
£7.00 incl tax

Hart Absolut Eel

The vinyl with the most revolutionary and innovative design in the collection. It comes in the shape of a small Sandeel, with dorsal and caudal fins, a ribbed body and a paddle tail providing vibrations, rolling and an extraordinarily lifelike movement. However, this is not the most innovative feature that sets this vinyl apart from the rest. What’s inside a fish? bones and innards. This is just what our Absolut Eel has, namely a high-density vinyl injected bone, to provide strength, and a high gloss internal strip to simulate the eel’s innards. Fish eat fish, and our new Absolute Eel is, and behaves like a fish ... Rigged with the new jig head, which looks more like a beautiful piece of precious metalwork, this is the ideal vinyl for tackling sea bass.
£6.00 incl tax

Hart Absolut Sovereign

Powerful jerk minnow with a sharp lip and oversized body. Internal balls for increased casting capacity. Its swimming action during straight retrieve is marked by strong rolling accompanied by a slight wobbling. For optimal use, draw it in quickly with light jerks of the rod tip to simulate a wounded fish.
£7.00 incl tax

Hart Shore Bait 130

Aggressive lipless lure ideal for long cast fishing in frothy water or on the beach, producing some spectacular casting. Fast sinking lure, with a horizontal fall and a slightly tilting lip, so that it can also be used for vertical fishing. Highly versatile swimming action, with a slight rolling at slow speeds and spectacular jerking or twitching movements.
£10.00 incl tax

Hart Skin Bait

Ultimate technologies used by squid fishing lures have inspired the new HART SKIN lures, covered with a cloth layer. This cloth skin can be printed and treated in a more realistic way than the traditional painted hard plastic lure. Dressed to kill, attractiveness of SKIN lures for predators is considerably increased, together with its more naturalistic appearance. The lure has such very good hand feel that it makes it close to smooth. The dress of HART SKIN lures makes it possible to print any kind of pattern on them, increasing its fishing efficiency. In this way, lures can have cosmetics that are realistically simulating any fish bait, or either use UV or phosphorescent coated paints. Due to it ́s woven construction, SKIN allows it to be impregnated with long lasting flavours and scents, increasing again its attractiveness for predators.
£10.00 incl tax

Hart Slim Bait 170

With the same body form as its brother Slim Minnow, but without plastic lip and more weight. This lure has been designed for spin cast anglers from beaches, where casting long distances is necessary. It´s very universal and accepts all kind of handling and swimming actions: walking, sliding, jerking, twiching.
£10.00 incl tax