Terms and Conditions

This site is run for the most part with no fixed rules. 

Obviously the intent is for this website to become a success and so any behaviour that is deemed to be preventing other people from visiting the website for its primary purpose will be dealt with as required, for example, the content being removed completely, the user reported to the authorities, and possibly a ban by email address or IP address.

Members who have added value to the site may have further content allowed that newer members will have removed, just as peoples friends would get away with saying things that strangers would not. I believe this is part of a natural building of trust that happens with any relationship.

All information saved on this website by any member remains the property of the member, be it, forum posts, catch reports or otherwise. It will not be passed on in any way to any other party except where granted (in the case of catch report sharing) by the member. Any orgainisation/business wishing to use any data on this website for its own purpose is forbidden to do so unless permission is granted by the owner (where applicable) or the member who owns the data.

It may be possible to purchase bulk catch report data subject to overwhelming majority, or uninimous agreement of any fees proposed by the owner or the prospective purchaser and subject to an agreement being reached by the members whose data is being purchased as to how the fees will be distributed among those members.