Monofilament Fishing line

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Sunset Amnesia Monofilament Fishing Line

An excellent industry leading line, memory free, abrasion resistant with great knot strength. This line is ideal for leaders of snoods/hooklengths. The spools are in thin plastic cases. These may be removed before posting to keep the price down (some of them will qualify as a large letter with the casing removed).
£4.99 incl tax

NGT Duracast Monofilament 1000m

Abrasion resistant monofilament.
£5.00 incl tax

NGT Duracast Monofilament 300m

300m spools of monofilament
£2.50 incl tax

NGT Fluorocarbon

Fluorocarbon hook length material
£6.00 incl tax

Maxima Chameleon Fishing Line

No other line can match the strength of Maxima Chameleon.
£13.99 incl tax

Maxima Crystal Ivory Fishing Line

Another high-performance monofilament by Maxima, the distinctive golden color of Crystal Ivory makes it immediately visible above water, even in low light conditions, yet super stealthlike underwater.
£18.99 incl tax