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Catch Report - Brixham - 24th July 2021 (15)
What started out as a poor day suddenly got much better!
Catch Report - Ilfracombe - 22nd May 2018 (5)
A return to a local rock mark for a relaxing evening float fishing.
Catch Report - Ilfracombe - 12th May 2018 (3)
Using up yesterdays bait with a float fishing session from a pier.
Catch Report - Ilfracombe - 6th May 2018 (8)
My local pier produces a small number of the usual species.
Catch Report - Brixham - 6th May 2018 (1)
A session with others at Berry Head.
Catch report - Ilfracombe - 20th January 2018 (6)
A slow evening but a nice whiting and tiny eel decided to show up.
Catch report - Ilfracombe - 5th January 2018 (11)
Another long session from Ilfracombe pier, but a little less productive.
Catch report - Ilfracombe - 22nd December 2017 (26)
The most number of fish I have caught in a session.
Catch report - Ilfracombe - 3rd December 2017 (15)
A variety of species from Ilfracombe pier, including a personal best Bass.
Catch report - Brixham - 7th October 2017 (31)
A float fishing and lure session in Brixham, with plenty of small fish caught.